Become a House Sitting Professional

Become a House Sitting Professional
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Sick of Paying for Mortgage or Rent?

Then you need to start house sitting!

We have saved $100,000 by house sitting and YOU CAN TOO!

However house sitting can be competitive!

So, we have put together 10 modules that will ENSURE you become a house sitting PROFESSIONAL!

What You'll Learn in The Course

1. Alternative ways to find house sits (no one else is doing!!)

Not only do we give you the secrets to finding house sits online, we take a deep dive into alternative ways we have found house sitting jobs. These secret weapons have landed us some incredible house sits!

2. Step by Step Platform Registration

How to register with the right website for you. With over the shoulder live registrations.

3. Secrets to Saving $$$

Learn to save money on accommodation and bills, house sitting locally and internationally. Including how to get pauid for house sitting

4. Crafting the Perfect Profile

The secret to applying for house sits without any references or previous experience.

5. Building A Strong Reputation

Discover how SECRETS to QUICKLY building a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable sitter.

References and reviews are an important part of house sitting. Even though you have never looked after a home or pets before you have great references that you can use!


Aside from getting paid to house sit there are numerous ways that you can make an income while house sitting. In this module we go over and give you the skills you need to get paid while travelling the wold looking after homes and pets.

Why Should You Learn From Us?

Brittnay and Jayden have been full time professional house sitting for over 4 years. They have successfully looked after 40 homes in 13 countries!

For the past FOUR years we have done 30+ HOUSE SITS and saved over $100 000.

Do you fancy living in Rome for a summer? Or how about a yacht in the Caribbean? Brittnay and Jayden have the experience and the strategies to teach you exactly how!

Come and learn how you can start living your dream lifestyle today! 

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An in-depth, comprehensive course on becoming a sought-after professional house sitter. Within our 10 modules, we will guide you through building a strong reputation, picking the right platform, crafting the perfect profile, writing outstanding applications, acing the interview and landing ANY house sit you apply for!


Become a House Sitting Professional

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